Which Wampum products to use

posted Apr 20, 2012, 12:19 PM by Alida Delport   [ updated Apr 16, 2014, 11:46 PM ]


Wampum manufactures no less than 6 different shampoos, 3 different conditioners, 4 different grooming sprays, 3 different coat oils, and 3 different whitening and brightening preparations. Add to that the offering 3 different specialized products to enhance hair volume and texture, this may seem overwhelming. It is therefore important to understand the purpose of each product.

Hair type

The hair types of humans differ from thin to thick, soft to harsh, straight to curly, dry to oily, etcetera. Similar trends are present in cat hair. In order to choose the correct shampoo for one's cat, cat owners must take care to understand each individual cat's hair type.As for Persian and other longhair cats, the myth goes the cats from Persia (way back when hey were first coming into Europe) had "cotton-like, woolly" hair and the Angoras from Turkey had "silky" hair. Without going into the detail of the history, I have observed a scale of type between the two extremes of "cotton" and "silky".

  • If a cat tends to be a "cotton", one gets a nice, fluffy coat .... and lots of knots! 
  • If a cat tends to be a "silky" (here the hair is more coarse, like in human hair and makes a noise if you rub it between the fingers), the coat is "flatter" but it hardly ever knots.
Each longhair cat's coat lies somewhere on the scale between "cotton" and "silky". The way you bath and the products you use is different for an extreme cotton and an extreme silky.

Hair colour

Pigmented hair

To make hair whiter and brighter for shows, use Wampum's Whitening and Brightning Shampoo. 

This shampoo works equally well on colours and is especially suited for coats containing colours other than white. 

It contains a violet brightener which counteracts yellowing on the white parts.

It also contains an  optical brightener that brightens all colours to enhance the contrast between different colours in the coat.

Pigment-inhibited hair ("Chinchilla")

'The "Chinchilla" colour phenomenon is caused by the colour inhibitor polygene. It boils down to the following:
  • When humans grow old, their hair becomes grey due to thge loss of pigmentation. Under a microscope, the hair appears translucent, like glass.
  • When Chinchillas are born, and the colour-inhibitor gene is present, part of the hair lacks pigmentation. Under a microscope, the parts that lack pigmentation appears translucent, like glass.
Only the tips of the Chinchilla hair contains pigmentation: either black or blue. Therefore: do not use the Wampum's Whitening and Brightning Shampoo on Tipped Chinchilla cats, because the tips will show off darker. Rather, use the Pump-it-up (Volumizing) Shampoo.

A typical routine for longhaired cats

Below is Cherie-Finesse's basic Wampum bathing routine & product range that they use from a product perspective.All  Wampum products refered to are on the websiite wampum.co.za. To get all the products is quite expensive, but over time and with many cats, one tends to be needing all of them!!!!
  1. Clip nails
  2. Brush out all tangles and knots
    • See range of brushes on Wampum website. Recommendations:
      • Wampum econo oblong pin brush for tummy, neck & legs

      • Oblong Maxi pin brush for sides & back

      • Small oval beechwood 35mm pins for tail & pants

      • Greyhound combs:

    • If knots persist, spray knots with Wampum Silk Spray (made up from Wampum Silk Spray Concentrate   [see 11 below]) or Wampum Coat oill #1, applied with a Wampum Fine Mist Spray Bottle (e.g. 50 ml Annie).

    • Leave a few minutes and detangle with fingers or brush out with a slicker brush (start at tip ends, work inwards)
      • Purchase: Large soft pin slicker brush or Medium hard pin slicker brush
    • If still persist, cut knots out with scissors or razor.
  3. Clean ears (with soft toothbrush dipped in shampoo foam, wipe with damp, clean face cloth)
    • Either Johnson baby shampoo or the Wampum shampoo that you are going to use  [see 11 below]
  4. Clean face & eyes  (with soft toothbrush dipped in shampoo foam, wipe with damp, clean face cloth)
    • Either Johnson baby shampoo or the Wampum shampoo that you are going to use  [see 11 below] 
      If heavy tearing / staining, use baby shampoo as it is safe for the eyes.
    • If area under eyes are stained, add a drop or two of Wampum Violet Rinse to the shampoo foam
      • Purchase:  Wampum Whitening Violet Rinse concentrate.
      • Note: this colouring can be added to all shampoos to remove yellow stains.
  5. Degrease body coat & tail 
    • Wampum cat degreaser shampoo
      • Purchase: Wampum Cat Degreaser.
      • For persistent stud tail - contact me for advice. 
  6. Rinse out thoroughly.
  7. Shampoo thoroughly
    • For routine maintenance:
      • Purchase: Wampum Conditioning Shampoo Concentrate and mix to dilute.

    • For shows preparation - contact us for advice on speciality shampoos,
        OR   OR 
  8. Rinse out thoroughly,
  9. Apply stay-in conditioner
    • For routine maintenance: 
      • Wampum Conditioning Rinse Concentrate and mix to dilution.

          This conditioner contains protein, humectant and pro-vitamin B5.

      • Wampum Magic Rinse for cats (long-hair)

      A non-oily conditioning rinse providing a dry powdery slip feel to the coat.
      It will remove all static and give even the dullest coat a natural shimmer.

      The rinse contains panthenol and protein to feed the hair between baths.

      For the show bath: rinse out.
      Between shows: leave the product in the coat.
    • For shows preparation of long- and medium hair cats:
      • Wampum Volumizing Rinse
  10. Towel dry.
  11. "Silkify" the hair (this is a MUST for cottons!)
    • Spray with Wampum Silk Spray (made up from Wampum Silk Spray Concentrate) 
    • Purchase:  Wampum Silk Spray Concentrate
                       + Wampum Trigger Spray bottle 500 ml size
  12. Blow dry
    • Spray with Wampum Silk Spray once or twice during blow drying
    • For shows preparation - contact us for advice on specialty spray treatments during blow dry
  13. Comb out thoroughly
    • Greyhound combs or similar
  14. Optional: power the cat with baby powder.