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Lovebug King Arthur (RIP)

Distinguished Merit Lovebug King Arthur

Life span 29 August 1999 - 9 June 2014 (nearly 15 years)

Sire Lovebug Joshua (10), son of Lovebug Higgens X Zinzima Caroline (10)

Dam Lovebug Tina Maria (10), daughter of Lovebug Higgens X La Renes Duchess, descendent of Sp Ch Cherie Dearheart Merlin

Breed number(s) cfsa PER.ZKM.5  -  sacc CHL05ChSh  - wcf TLHns11

Breed description(s) cfsa  : Persian Silver Shaded Black
sacc : Chinchilla Longhair (Black) Shaded Silver
wcf   : Traditional Longhair Black Silver Shaded

Title sacc : Champion; Distinguished Merit breeding cat (DM)

Genetics Pure silver

Breeder Janet Longman, Grahamstown, SA

About him

Top 6 SACC Stud 2008

King Arthur was bred by Janet and Terry Longman of Grahamstown. He made his debut as photographic model, featuring as kitten in a fashion magazine. He reached the 30 points needed to qualify for title "DM" (Distinguished Merit) from points scored by his breeding progeny. A Supreme title scored 3 points, a Grand title 2 points and an open title 1 point.

His progeny includes: Supreme Premier Cherie-Finesse Love King, Supreme Premier Emerald Braveheart (NQ; RQ), Supreme Premier Emerald Prince Caramon (NQ; RQ), Supreme Premier Cherie-Finesse Sylvanis (RQ), Supreme Premier Cherie-Finesse Arthur, Supreme Premier Cherie-Finesse Angelo (RQ), Champion Cherie-Finesse Chantal, Champion Cherie-Finesse Lady Lida (now in USA), Champion Cherie-Finesse Shalimar, Supreme Premier Cherie-Finesse Engeltjie (RQ), Supreme Champion Cherie-Finesse Misty (NQ, RQ) and Supreme Premier Cherie-Finesse Bobby (NQ, RQ).

Old age took its toll. King Arthur, fondly referred to as  "Oupa" ("Grandpa") by Olga, over time got frail. On Thursday, 5 June 2014, he started to have problems with his stools. He was weak and in pain. His his rectal area became swollen and the pain increased. Polyps became visible. The vet also felt hard lumps higher up in the rectal area. His breath was shallow. It was best to not let him suffer further. He was euthanized and died peacefully in Alida's arms. 

* NQ = SACC National Qualifier
  RQ = SACC Regional Qualifier (Western Cape.)