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Cherie-Finesse Moon Shadow

Moon Shadow and his first daugther, Cherie-Finesse Robina

Date of Birth 20 July 2013

Sire CASA SA Triple Supreme Champion L'Dearheart Sir Lancelot of Cherie-Finesse (USA imp)
SACC Supreme Champion, Regional and National Qualifier
Breed: Traditional Longhair Black Silver Tipped (wcf TLHns12)

Dam CASA SA Double Supreme Champion Burlamien Andenika of Cherie-Finesse 
SACC Supreme Champion
Breed: Brown Burmese (wcf BURn)

Breed number(s) wcf   : BMSns11

Breed description wcf   : Burmilla Black Silver Shaded

Titles/Certificates WCF:
  • Junior Champion  (CACJ):
    AICA (8 March 2014): S Kelly (Australia)
    OSRGB (8 March 2014): P van Diggelen
    CASA (8 March 2014): Lee Smith 
    [  Now a WCF Junior Champion  ]
  • Champion (CAC):
    AICA (31 May
     2014): B Neukircher
    SAC@TS (31 May 2014): D Germishuys
    CLASA (1 June 2014): T Lamprecht 
    [  Now a WCF Champion  ]
    SAC@TS (1 June 2014): 5th out of 27 in Adult RING - B Neukircher
  • International Champion (CACI):
    OSRBG (1 June 2014): S Lindeque
    AICA (10 Aug 2014): D Freitas
    OSRGB (10 Aug 2014): B Webber
    [  Now a CASA SA Grand Champion  ]
  • International Grand Champion (CAGCI):
    CASA (10 Aug 2014): S Lindeque
    AICA (20 Sep 2014): T Lamprecht
    SAC@TS (20 Sep 2014): J Lamprecht
    [  Now a CASA SA Double Grand Champion  ]
  • Continental Champion (CACE):
    CDCi (20 Sep 2014): A Aldum
    OSRBG (11 Oct 2014): D Freitas
    SAC@TS (11 Oct 2014): A Aldum
    [  Now a CASA SA Tripple Grand Champion  ]
  • Continental Champion (CAGCE):
    CDCi (11 Oct 2014): L Smith
    AICA (29 Nov 2014): D Germishuys
    SACA@TS (29 Nov 2014): D Scheepers
    [  Now a CASA SA Supreme Champion  ]
  • Continental Champion (CAGCE):
    CASA (29 Nov 2014): A Aldum
    AICA (29 Jun 2015): J Rogers (USA)
    SACATS (29 Jun 2015): V Knight
  • [  Now a CASA SA Double Supreme Champion  ]
    CASA (29 Jun 2015): A Aldum
    CASA (29 June 2015): WCF Adult Ring winner - J Rogers (USA)
Genetics Silver carrier, Longhair carrier.
DNA tested for Hypokalemia at UC Davies Lab in thu USA - clean.

Breeder Alida Delport

About him

Moon Shadow was born in the second litter of Burlamien Andenika. He was booked by a breeder in Gauteng, who cancelled because she took over the stud from the late Alan Edwards. At that stage, we already had a F1 young male, Cherie-Finesse Arnold, which we wanted to keep as stud. My daughter, Elize, lost an old cat that they adopted. Their other cat was lonely, so I decided to keep kitten Moon Shadow and offered Arnold to them. 

Moon Shadow has the sweetest nature on earth. He absolutely loves human contact, and contact with other cats.  I believe he has a built-in purr machine. When you pick him up, he flops soft like a ragdoll toy. What a cat!

More Photos

At 6 weeks. Moon Shadow middle left.

At age 6 moths he was already bigger than his mom!

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