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L'Dearheart Damosel Linette

Importation Imported from the USA

Date of Birth 22 September 2006

Sire L'Dearheart Sir Tiggy Winkle (CFA 0130-1577221 Chinchilla Silver)

Dam Ch Cherie-Finesse Miss Daisie (CFA 3031-1578975 Chinchilla Silver) Born in SA

Breed number(s) cfsa PER.ZLM.5  -  sacc CHL05Ch  - wcf TLHns11

Breed description(s) cfsa  : Persian Silver Shadedl Black
sacc : Chinchilla Longhair (Black) Shaded
wcf   : Traditional Longhair Black Silver Shaded

Titles sacc : Champion
wcf   : CASA SA Double Supreme Champion

Genetics Silver Shaded

Breeder Diane Amble & Firenza X Pini, USA

About her Linette arrived in South Africa in June 2009. The first leg of her trip was a local flight from SFO to JFK in New York. In New York, Nancy Coleman was so kind to receive Linette, Lyonesse and Cynthia and took them to her apartment. The next morning she booked them for their final leg to Cape Town.

First kittens were born in SA on 7 December 2009, sired by L'Dearheart Dionysus. There were two boys: Cherie-Finesse Magic Melody, now owned by Ms Linda Smyly of Sunningdale, and Cherie-Finesse Magic Maker.

Magic Maker, or Magic, as he is called, was kept by Cherie-Finesse upon request by Marianne Myburgh of Animal Stars. When Marianne saw Magic for the first time, she knew: this cat had everything going for him to become a "heroe cat" in the TV commercial industry.  He was seen in some of the scenes of the new (2011) Nestle Purina Fancy Feast TV adverts (Europe, UK. SA), as well in stills for the printed media.

We decided to show Linette in the WCF system. Reason: WCF accepted the Traditional Longhair (TLH) as breed in August 2010. 

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