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Persiana Golden Girl (retired)

Date of Birth 6 June 2005

Sire Annalines Gold Saffron (cfsa PER.GLM.5)

Dam Analines Golden Promise (cfsa PER.GLM.5)

Breed number(s) cfsa PER.GLM.5  -  sacc PER05Go  - wcf TLHny12

Breed description(s) cfsa  : Persian Golden Self Shell Black
sacc : Persian Chinchilla Black Tipped Golden
wcf   : Traditional Longhair Black Golden Tipped

Title none

Genetics Golden - sadly PKD1 positive

Breeder Ms R Woodroffe, KZN

About her

Rose phoned me mid-2011 with the news that she had no choice but to re-home her two Golden queens. It would a pity to loose them from the gene pool. Because I had Catanova King Solomon, our Golden carrier male, I decided to adopt the two queens. With the help of Nicolette and Andre Brand they arrived on 10 June 2011. 

I nicknamed this girl Golden Flower. She has a lovely nature and adapted quick. Her first mating was on 7 September 2011. She had a second litter in 2012.

She was tested for PKD1 early 2013. Sadly she tested positive. I was devastated and blame myself for not testing her before breeding with her. She was retracted immediately from further breeding. Of her six kittens offspring, 5 were tested. Three were positive. The 6th kitten was an export - we are awaiting his test results. 

However: at the age of nearly 8 she still showed no sign of any kidney problems! We pray that her kittens who tested positive will also have this trait.

More photos
Her first litter: two goldens, two silvers, all males.

The litter at birth

King Solomon, our Golden carrier male