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Cherie-ShellDon St Katharine


Date of Birth 16 December 2009

Sire Grand Champion Catanova King Solomon
Traditional Longhair Black Silver Shaded

Dam Stardust Anabella
Traditional Longhair Black Silver Tipped

Breed number(s) cfsa PER.ZLM.5  -  sacc CHL05ChSh  - wcf TLHns11

Breed description(s) cfsa  : Persian Silver Shaded Black
sacc : Chinchilla Longhair (Black) Shaded Silver
wcf   : Traditional Longhair Black Silver Shaded

Title None - we have not yet put her on show.

Genetics We suspect that she carries Gold.
Reason: One of her kittens in her first litter has the characteristic "warm white" coat associated with a golden carrier.
PKD: negative (tested by Onderstepoort, SA).

Breeders Donald and Shelley Saunders, Port Elizabeth

About her

16 December  is a public holiday in South Africa. This day changed names through the ages, one of which was "Dingaan Day", hence the kitten was nick-named Dinky (after the Zulu king Dingaan).  "Dinky" is a fiery female that prefers not to be handled by humans. She was raised as a singleton kitten. "We were novice breeders then", says the Saunders couple. "In our ignorance, we thought one should handle a kitten as little as possible and not interfere with the mom cat in raising the kitten. We now know better, but we hardly ever picked the kitten up. To aggravate things, our rescue old Chin was not friendly towards the new kitten. By June 2010 'Dinky' was so difficult to handle that we asked Alida to take in Dinky to socialize her."

Dinky settled quite well among the Cherie-Finesse cats, but maintains her own space of privacy which she guards as fiercely as the Zulu King Dingaan. Dinky still hates to be picked up, but allows stroking and is eager to take treats from a human hand. Because of her fiery nature Alida added "Dragon" and soon everybody knew her as "Dinky Dragon", soon to be shortened to "Dragon" or "Drakie" (Afrikaans for little dragon).

Because of her fiery nature, Alida thought that St Katherine would be an ideal candidate to face up to a Burmese male to breed Burmillas. But before that could happen in 2010, the cleaner did not notice Sir Lancelot slipping into the house whilst she was opening the door to the stud runs. When Alida came home that evening, a very happy, smiling Sir Lancelot was roaming freely in the house. Not only did he make "Dinky" preggies on that day, but also the nursing queen Grace! Alida did not take notice of the date because she had no idea that either Dinky or Grace was on heat.

Subsequently Alida had no exact date to calculate when the kittens would be due. Dinky is free to roam the house and Alida feared that Dinky would be unduely stressed if she got confined too soon for giving birth. Dinky soon resolved the problem for Alida... by delivering the kittens all on her own while Alida was at work. When Alida got home: Dinky had a flat tummy, hanging around in her usual places as if nothing happened, but: where were the kittens?! After what felt like eternity, Dinky eventually climbed into a bass drum that belonged to Alida's son, Piet, of the metal band STRIDENT. The three "mettle kittens" were subsequently named Metal Mollie, Metal Dollie and Drummer Boy. 

When Dinky started to call in July 2011, Alida took no chances. "Dinky" was taken to Burlamien Burmese in Caledon and after a successful mating with  Sp Ch Sabokah Tristan of Burlamien Imp NZ (NQ, RQ). On 9 September 2011, her first Burmillas were born - 4 of them!

More photos
Fourth Litter

  • Mating: 23 - 26 July 2014
  • Kittens due: 26 - 30 September 2014

  • DOB: 1 Oct 2014
  • Had 1st inocculation 3 December
  • Ready to leave home as from 23 Dec 2014.
  • Available kittens : 0
  • Colour: they are all silver shaded.
  • Alloctions & Photos: 

1. Fascinating Ferdinand:

For breeding - JL - USA
He is the biggest kitten we ever had (birth: 132g)
It is good that he stays in the gene pool as a future stud.
On the last photo he is with future breed mate, 
Cherie-Finesse Baroness Barbara of Miranda, 
daughter of Milly-Chan X Sir Lancelot (below)

2: Fascinating Fernando

JA, Constantia Hills


3: Fascinating Frankie

For breeding: AR, KZN

4 Fascinating Figaro

CS, Paarl

5. [SOLD] Fascinating Franciscus

RvZ, Pretoria

Third litter 2012-03-14

Sire: Supreme Champion L'Dearheart Sir Lancelot (USA imp);
SACC National & Regional Qualifier 2011
The four kittens at about 2 weeks of age.

Third Litter 20120307

  • Litter photos Photo taken 4 April: age 3 weeks... and below, on same day, are 3 of them with their now famous mommy "Dinky Dragon".Taken on 19 April. Bigger kitten on ...
    Posted Dec 1, 2013, 2:15 PM by Alida Delport
  • Cherie-Shelldon Charlton Heston The photos below were taken on 18 May 2012. Charlton on top of the fridge with mom St Katherine.  Ten weeks and 2 days old.       Tipped male at 3 weeks ...
    Posted May 11, 2013, 3:49 PM by Alida Delport
  • Lord Charles: Male Silver Black Tipped [SOLD] Price: R3,500 Sold to Sage. Lord Charles likes his food! 
    Posted Aug 29, 2012, 9:28 AM by Alida Delport
  • Charlie Chaplan: Male Silver Black Shaded Shaded male kitten. Extrovert personality: he is the leader of the pack!Sold to Siobhan O'Brien, Durban.The day he left for DurbanBy breeder Alida DelportWhat a ...
    Posted Dec 1, 2013, 2:17 PM by Alida Delport
  • Charlize Theron: Female Silver Black Tipped [Export USA] Charlize's new home is the USA! She flies soon.She is at 4 o'clock on this photo.Named after SA actress Charlize Theron.
    Posted Aug 29, 2012, 9:28 AM by Alida Delport
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Second litter 2011-09-09

Making history: first F1 generation Burmillas in SA in about 20 years! 
During the birth process.    Three days old.
St Katherine wih her Burmilla kittens.

The Burmillas won Best Litter On Show 10 December 2011
CASA Show 37, Durbanville

First litter 2010-12-02

Male kitten Cherie-ShellDon Drummer Boy from St Katherine's first litter on 2010-12-02.