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Cherie-Finesse Milly-Chan

Above: Milly-Chan at a cat show in August 2013.
She was winner of the WCF Adult ring.
Photo: Elizabeth Wentworth

Date of Birth 22 November 2011

Sire L'Dearheart Dionysus (imp USA)  (sacc PER05Ch)

Dam Gr Ch Cadonel Chantilly (sacc CHL05)

Breed number(s) cfsa PER.ZLM.5  -  sacc CHL05Ch  - wcf TLHns12

Breed description(s) cfsa  : Persian Silver Shell Black
sacc : Chinchilla Longhair (Black) Tipped Silver
wcf   : Traditional Longhair Black Silver Tipped

Titles & 
Show career
  • CC on 25 Aug 2012 (WPCC show) by Lynelle du Toit
  • CC on 25 Aug 2012 (WPCC show) by Kim Cutter.
  • 6th in WCF Kitten Ring, CASA show 5th May, Durbanville.
  • Champion (1 Dec 2012)
    • CAC on 27 Oct 2013 (AICA, Franschoek) by D Germishuys 
    • CAC on 27 Oct 2013 (CDC Franschoek) by D Scheepers
    • CAC on 1 Dec 2012 (WCF show) by A Visser. 
  • SA Grand Champion (18 August 2013)
    • CACI on 6 April 2013 (AICA. Stellenberg) by A Visser
    • CACI on 6 April 2013 (CASA, Stellenberg) by J Lamprecht
      • 4TH in WCF Adult Ring - Judge D Ganoe (USA)
    • CACI on 18 Aug 2013 (AICA, Dville Racecourse) by P Nel
  • SA Double Grand Champion:
    • GCACI-1 on 18 Aug 2013 (CAS, Dville Racecourse) by A Visser
      • Winner of WCF Adult Ring on 18 Aug 2013 - Judge: J Christison (Australia)
    • GCAC-2 by T Aldum
    • GCAC-3 by T Lamprecht
  • SA Tripple Grand Champion
    • CACE-1 by A Aldum
    • CACE-2 by T Lamprecht
    • CACE-3 by P Nel
  • SA Supreme
    • GCACE-1 by A Aldum
    • GCACE-2 by P Nel
    • GCACE-3 by T Lamprect
  • SA Double Supreme
    • GCACE-4 by A Aldum
    • GCACE-5 by T Aldum
    • GCACE-6 by T Lamprecht
  • Towards SA Tripple Supreme
    • GCACE-7 by J Lamprecht

Genetics Bred from two tipped parents to get a strong narrow band gene. Future breeding will be to L'Dearheart Sir Lancelot for tipped kittens.

Breeder Alida Delport

About her

Milly-Chan was a dream come true. Her mother was already over 12 years old when we decided to try once more!

We tried a previous mating with Dionysus in 2010. Because of Chantilly's age, we went the option of an elective Ceaser. The vet monitored the heart rate of the kittens. One's heart rate deteriorated, so we decided on a Ceaser. Four beautiful tipped kittens were born. Sadly, despite our efforts, all died within days after birth.

Devastated by the elective Ceaser experience, we decided to risk a natural birth, despite Chantilly's age. We were blessed to have Milly-Chan. We pray that she will contribute to increase the tipped gene pool in South Africa, especially if we can mate her to Sir Lancelot.

She has an excellent personality and is purring non-stop.  She loves milk: her name could just as well have been "Milky-can"!

More photos
Above: Milly-Chan at the SACC National Cat Show, 2 June 2012, Cape Town at age 6 months.

Milly-Chan on the left: beautiful light tipped cat.

Her Litters

Litter 1: Date of birth: 19 October 2013 

 Ref   Booked  Who  Cat's Name
 1 F Breeder Spain Cherie-Finesse Stardust
 2 M Pet LD Cherie-Finesse Oscar
 3 M Kept
Cherie-Finesse Freddy Mercury
 4 M Breeder SK Cherie-Finesse Dreamer of Cherie-Zelle

 Cherie-Finesse Stardust (exported to Spain)

Cherie-Finesse Oscar at 9,5 weeks  

Litter 2: Date of birth: 1  October 2014 

 Ref   Booked  Who  Cat's Name
 1 F Breeder Von Cherie Cherie-Finesse Baroness Beaulah of Von Cheri
 2 F Breeder USA Cherie-Finesse Baroness Barbara of Miranda
 3 M Exhibitor MS Cherie-Finesse Baron Dominique Jean Larrey
 4 M Pet SD Cherie-Finesse Baron Bershka
5 M Pet GT Cherie-Finesse Baron Timi

At Birth:

Kittens at 9 weeks:

Cherie-Finesse Baroness Beaulah of Von Cheri

Cherie-Finesse Baroness Barbara of Miranda

Cherie-Finesse Baron Dominique Jean Larrey

Cherie-Finesse Baron Bershka

Cherie-Finesse Baron Timi

  • Milly-Chan X Sir Lancelot

    • Allocations
      1. [SOLD] Baroness Beulah of Von Cheri
        VS, Kenridge

      2. [SOLD] Baroness Barbara
        USA - 

      3. [SOLD] Baron Dominique Jean Larrey 
        Named after heroic French medical doctor (1966-1842)
        (Purple tag) - MS, Parklands

      4. [SOLD] Baron Bershka
        (Pastel blue tag) - SD, Wynberg

      5. [SOLD] Baron Timi
        GT - Plattekloof

    • Photos: (you can click to enlarge)

1.  [SOLD] Baroness Beulah

(Lilac tag) - Weight at 9 weeks: 574g

2. [SOLD] Baroness Barbara

(Crimson tag) - Weight at 9 weeks: 460g

3. [SOLD] Baron Dominique Jean Larrey

(Purple tag) - Weight at 9 weeks: 780g

4. [SOLD] Baron Bershka

(Pastel blue tag) - Weight at 9 weeks: 640g

5. [SOLD] Baron Timi

SOLD (No tag) - Weight at 9 weeks: 297g - a miniature?