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Burlamien Andenika

Burlamien Andenika on 3 March 2012 - 8 months old
She won the award of Best Kitten on Show (ABCC). 

Date of Birth 2 July 2011

Sire Sup Ch Sabokah Tristan of Burlamien (imp) (cfsa BUR05  -  sacc BUR05  -  wcf BURn)

Dam Ch Kimcol Tiffany (cfsa BUR06  -  sacc BUR06  -  wcf BURb)

Breed number(s) cfsa BUR05  -  sacc BUR05  -  wcf BURn 

Breed description Brown Burmese

Titles/Certificates SACC:
  • Champion: 
    BIG (14 Apr 2012): Kaai du Plessis, Kim Cutter.
    WPCC (10 May 2012): Paul Prime.
  • Grand Champion: 
    WPCC (10 May 2012): Lesley Freeman (Aus),  Jane Slabbert.
    SACC National (2 Jun 2012): Jan v Rooyen, Kim Cutter, Theresa Johnson.
    ABCC (16 Jun 2012): Rita Wiseman.
  • Supreme Champion:
    ABCC (16 Jun 2012): Kim Cutter, Jane vermeulen.
    ABCC (14 Jul 2012): Anthony Aldum (who also awarded her Judge's Favourite), Beryl Webber, Dina Freitas.
    ABCC (9 March 2012): J Slabber 
    [  Now a SACC Supreme Champion  ]
    An additional SCC was awarded by Dina Freitas who also awarded Judge's Favourite. 
  • Champion  (CAC):
    AICA (5 May 2012): Alan Edwards
    CASA (5 May 2012): Thea Lamprecht
    AICA (1 Dec 2012): Lee Smith 
    [  Now a WCF Champion  ]
  • International Champion (CACI):
    CASA (
    1 Dec 2012): Sonja Lindeque
    AICA (6 April 2013): Dennis Ganoe (CFA, USA)
    CASA (6 April 2013): Lee Smith 
    [  Now a CASA SA Grand Champion  ]
  • International Grand Champion  (CAGCI):
    AICA (30 November 2013): Daniël Germishuys
    OSRBG (30 April 2013): Thea Lamprecht
    CASA (30 November 2013) : A Aldum 
    [  Now a CASA SA Double Grand Champion  ]
  • Certificates for Double SA Grand Champion (CAGE):
    AICA (8 March 2014): S Kelly
    OSRBG (8 March 2014): P van Diggelen
    CASA (8 March 2014): A Aldum 
    [  Now a CASA SA Tripple Grand Champion  ]
  • Certificates for SA Supreme Champion (CCAGE):
    OSRBG (27 April 2014): T Lamprecht
    CLASA (27 April 2014): A Aldum

    AICA (31 May 2014): D Germishuys
    [  Now a CASA SA Supreme Champion  ]
  • Certificates for SA Double Supreme Champion (CCAGE):
    SAC@TS (31 May 2014): B Neukircher
    CLASA (31 May 2014): L Smith
    OSGRB (31 May 2014): P van Diggelen 
    [  Now a CASA SA Double Supreme Champion  ]

Major Awards

  • Best CKitten on Show - CASA 37 (10 Dec 2011)
  • Overall Best Cat on Show - CASA 37 (10 Dec 2011)
  • Best Kitten on Show - ABCC 90 (3 March 2012)
  • Best Overall: AICA (5 May 2012)
  • Best in WCF Adult Ring - CASA (5 May 2012)
  • Best in WCF Adult Ring - SAC@TS (27 April 2014).
Genetics The breeding strategy was that she was to be used in Burmilla ZA breeding program.
However, Burmese breeding was not excluded.
Sadly, a DNA test revealed that she carries HK.  

Breeder Lallie and Elmien de Wet, Burlamien Cattery, Caledon

About her

At the end of September 1984, when I lived in Pretoria, I lost my feline soulmate, Grand Champion Andenika of Phitsamai. Andenika was a Brown Burmese. Twenty seven years later, at the first ABCC show of 2011, I saw a kitten that reminded me so much of my Andenika that I just had no option: I wanted her! Her breeders, Lallie and Elmien de Wet said she was not for sale, as they were keeping her. However, they invited that I could have a kitten from the next litter of the same parents. They agreed to name her Andenika in honour of my first Andenika.

From day one this cat was adored and loved by everybody that came in contact with. Her antics caused many a  laughter, her soft purr eased my mother's pain during her last days of fighting against cancer. Her agility will leave many athletes astounded. And her soft warn-off growling when annoyed is typical Burmese

 Litters  2012-09-16: Burmillas with Cherie-Finesse Dear Nikki
  • Cherie-Finesse Arno (Celeste Cilliers, Durbanville)
  • Cherie-Finesse Arnold (Elize Vöckerodt,  Blouberg, Cape Town)
  • Cherie-Finesse Arnoldus (Michael Saben, Cape Town)
  • Cherie-Finesse Arnaud  (Michael Saben, )
  • Cherie-Finesse Arnella of Violets (Alan Edwards)
2013-07-20: Burmillas with SA Trpl Sup Ch L'Dearheart Sir Lancelot  
  • SA Trple Sup Ch Cherie-Fnesse Moon Shadow
  • Cherie-Finesse Samurai (Sharon Myburgh, Boston, Cape Town)
  • Cherie-Finesse Maanskyn (Ilse vd Leek, Durbanville)
  • Cherie-Finesse Maansterretjie  (Ilse vd Leek, Durbanville)
2013-12-28: Burmillas with Gr Ch Catanova King Solomon
  • Cherie-Finesse Nymeria of Cedar Cats (Ivor Theron)
    • Mother of Cedar Cats Tiny of AruArginti
  • Dbl Jnr Ch & SA Gr Ch Cherie-Finesse Darkie
    • Mother of Cherie-Finesse Lady Mila of Arrabella-Finesse (LH)
  • Dbl Jnr Ch & SA Gr Ch Cerie-Finesse Sparkie
    • Active stud
2014-09-19 Burmillas with SA Trple Sup Ch Cherie-Sheldon Snowey of Cherie-Finesse
  • Cherie-Finesse Tom (Marie du Toit, Tokai)
  • Cherie-Finesse Jerry (Marie du Toit, Tokai)
  • Cherie-Finesse Katrien (Helen Roos, Highveld)
2015-09-10 Burmese with Beacoat Brown Xabiso
  • Cherie-Finesse Dark Lady of Von Cherie [F Brown ]
  • Cherie-Finesse St Abia Mya of Von Cherie {F Brown]
  • Cherie-Finesse Tarzan (Laura Dix-Peek, Rondebosch) [NM Lilac]
  • Cherie-Finesse Einstein [M Blue]
2016-02-03 Burmillas with SA Trple Sup Ch Cherie-Sheldon Snowey of Cherie-Finesse
  • Note: the links below goes to Facebook
  • Cherie-Finesse Goofy   [M   BMSns11   Black Silver Shaded]   
  • Cherie-Finesse Minnie Mouse   [F   BMSbs12   Chocolate Silver Tipped]
  • Cherie-Finesse Donald Duck   [M BMSbs11 - Black Silver Shaded]
  • Cherie-Finesse Pluto   [M   BMSns11 Black Silver Shaded]
  • Cherie-Finesse Leader of the Pack [M cs12 - Silver licac tipped]
  • Cherie-Finesse Mickey Mouse [M BMSbs11 - Chocolate Silver Shaded]

More photos of Andenika
On SAASA show - 24 March 2012

Andenika is 2 months older than the Burmilla kittens that 
were sired by her own father.
Once they started to play around, they were inseparable.
We got many compliments on the super nature of the Burmillas. 
I believe sister Andenika played a key role in their upbringing.

  • Litter 18 September 2013 Andenika X Snowey (F3) Sire:  SA Dbl Gr Ch Cherie-Shelldon Snowey of Cherie-Finesse(F2) Dam: SA Dbl Sup Ch Burlamien Andenika or Cherie-Finesse(BUR) Kittens born: 18 September 21 October: age 5 weeks       Allocation:1. Tom - [SOLD] Male: Black silver shaded - MdP2. Jerry - [SOLD] Male: Chocolate silver shaded - MdP 3. Katrien - [SOLD] Female: Chocolate silver shaded - HR, Pta
    Posted Jan 19, 2015, 6:55 AM by Alida Delport
  • First Mating - for Burmilla! Andenika's first mating was with Cherie-Finesse Dear Nikki. We put her with Nikki the evening after the ABCC show of 14 July. She was on heat for most of the week prior to the show.
    Posted Dec 1, 2013, 2:02 PM by Alida Delport
  • WPCC Show results 19 May 2012 Our little darling was not nominated to be of the top 5 on show day this time, but she nevertheless won:the Killdown Dara Award for Best Brown Burmese Adult;the Cascade Award for Best Burmese Female;   andthe Magnolia Trophy for Best Foreign Group 2 Entire.
    Posted Jun 8, 2014, 9:47 AM by Alida Delport
  • Best in WCF Adult Ring - CASA 5 May 2012 Andenika won the WCF Adult Ring on the CASA show of 5 May 2012. In the WCF show system, cats become adults at age 10 months. Andenika was 10 months and 3 days - a mere 4 days into 'adulthood'!
    Posted Jun 8, 2014, 9:49 AM by Alida Delport
  • Best Overall: AICA 5 May 2012 Burlamien Andenika won Best in Show on the AICA show in Durbanville on 5 May 2012. On the photo with Andenika is judge Alan Edwards and owner Alida Delport. Andenika was bred by Lallie & Elmien de Wet, Caledon.
    Posted Jun 8, 2014, 9:51 AM by Alida Delport
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