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Cherie-Finesse Emily (USA)

Went to USA Animal Studio April 2014

Date of Birth

27 July 2010

Grand Champion Catanova King Solomon

Cherie-Finesse Grace
Breed number(s)

cfsa PER.ZLM.5  -  sacc CHL05Ch  - wcf TLHns12
Breed description(s)

cfsa  : Persian Silver Tipped Black
sacc : Chinchilla Longhair (Black) Tipped Silver
wcf   : Traditional Longhair Black Silver Tipped


sacc : Grand Premier, Cape Top Qualifier 2012
wcf   : SA Tripple Grand Premier



Alida Delport
About her  The story of Emily is to a degree a clouded, sad and also an exciting one.

She was booked by couple who asked that Emily must first be spayed before they would take her. They deposit some money, upon which we took Emily to be spayed. When the time came that Emily was ready to leave home, we were informed by the new owners-to-be that they were going overseas and could not collect Emily until they come back. They did not give a date for the collection. We waited, and waited, and heard nothing from them. By the time she was over six month old, she was still with us at home! 

She was spotted by Animal Stars, who used her in two TV commercials. She was an instant success in front of the cameras. Soon after Emily's second TV commercial, the person who paid the deposit informed us that they were back from overseas and wanted to collect the kitten. It was a difficult decision. Never before did somebody paid a deposit and left a kitten to become six months old before collection with no pre-arrangement.  In all fairness to me as breeder - that was not acceptable. I offered the person who paid a deposit on Emily the option to choose another younger kitten from a another litter or that I would pay back the deposit. They chose the deposit back.

Emily turned out to be one of the most sunning cats we ever bred! In 2014 we agreed to allow her to participate in a Film shoot in the USA. Sadly, she had to go to the Animal Studio on a permanent basis.
Emily at age 5 months 
As kitten.

At All Breeds Cat Show, 2011.

In show career: