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Availability and Allocations


Our website ran out of space. We cannot upload photos. That is why we use Facebook to publish photos.
See our Facebook page at, or just search for "Cherie-Finesse Cattery" on Facebook.


  • No kittens available currently at Cherie-Finesse. 
    • Also, no kittens from co-breeders. 
    • We give preference to people who book on-line. 

Burmilla & Asian

  • Non-Silver and Non-Golden Burmilla offspring are registered as Asians.
  • All twelve Burmilla kittens at Cherie-Finesse are sold. To view how they looked as kittens, view their Facebook albums by clicking on the links below. 
  • Two Asians (non-silver Burmillas) available at co-breeder. 
    • DOB: 2 January 2016.

  • We give preference to people who book on-line.


  • One blue male youngster for breeding currently available at Cherie-Finesse. 
    • DOB: 10 September 2015
    • Mirco-chipped and all inocculations done.
    • DNA tested for HK - clean.
  • Some kittens maybe available at co-breeders.
  • We give preference to people who book on-line.