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From birth to beauty

The story of "ugly ducklings" who turn into a swans!


We breed Chinchilla Longhairs for temperament, health, beauty and as companion pets. They are also known as "Traditional Longhairs".

Their life expectancy ranges between 15 - 20 years.

At birth, the hair is short. Only the dark tips of the hair are visible. They look like ordinary, tabby short-haired cats. An inexperienced person may well think that mama cat had an affair with the neighbour's tabby boy!

The picture on the left is a new born kitten, still wet after birth.

By age 9 weeks the hair has grown sufficiently so that they look like the "chocolate box" kitten below.

   The "white" appearance of the hair is not caused by white pigment, but rather by the lack of it! The so-called "colour inhibitor polygene" masks out all pigment, except on the tip of the hair. Under the microscope, most of the hair is translucent.

At birth the noses are dark, but as the cat matures, the darker pigmentation is replaced by a brick-brown, and only a dark nose liner remains.

All kittens - regardless of coat colour - are born with blue eyes. The colour changes from 6 to seven weeks - often till full maturity is reached at 4 years.