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Charlie Chaplan: Male Silver Black Shaded

posted Apr 19, 2012, 10:45 AM by Alida Delport   [ updated Dec 1, 2013, 2:17 PM ]
Shaded male kitten. Extrovert personality: he is the leader of the pack!
Sold to Siobhan O'Brien, Durban.

The day he left for Durban

By breeder Alida Delport

What a morning! I got up at 6 to make sure Charlie was in tip-top condition for the trip. 

Before I tell my story, I must give some background on Charlie: he is a verbal cat that LOVES all food except his "designers food" (i.e. vet store quality kitten pellets). One of his favourite treats is milk. 

Milk may tend to give some kittens a loose tummy. In moderate quantities, it is usually not a problem. But yesterday evening - maybe because of the cold, the kittens were driving me mad. Charlie by now taught some of the other kittens in the house that if you cry loud enough, the human mum will give in and pour a dish. Having Charlie crying for milk is one thing - to be joined by 5 others is something else! And besides, it was Charlie's last night with me, so I thought: "Ag, let him have a last treat". However, with seven kittens attacking a plate of milk one does not know who drinks the most. Well, this treat, I think, ended in Charlie having had way too much.

Just as I was ready to leave this morning, when I picked him up to go into to travel cage, I noticed a residue of wet pooh that stuck to his bum! I had to quickly wash the bum & blow dry. By then I was a wee bit late. Coming to the airport from Bellville before the changes to the airport for the 2010 soccer cup, there was a short back road to Cargo. After the changes, the back road was still there, but it was a bit longer. So, being late, I decided to go to Cargo via the main airport entrance. Stressed as I was, I missed the "Cargo" sign and found myself inside the airport having to choose between "Drop and Go" and "Undercover parking". One has to think very fast when there are many cars around you, most of them seemingly also in a hurry not to miss a plane!  I decided "Drop and Go" would be the fastest to get back to the circle where one has to choose "cargo". 

I was wrong! My next set of choices in the altered airport was "N2", "N2", "N2". I saw the "Cargo" sign on my right hand - inaccessible because of barriers and road fences. Well, there I was: late, and on my way to the N2 Cape Town. When I saw the small exit sign for "Bellville" on my left, which I knew would take me back to where I could take the back road, I was travelling in the right hand lane of three lanes with traffic and missed the opportunity. Now I was seriously en route to Cape Town city! 

I managed to get in the left hand lane just before the "N2 Sometset West" exit popped op. Instinctively I took that exit and after a few kilos there was a sign that indicated an off ramp to some "Airport" places. As I entered the off ramp - a smell hit me. Charlie was doing another pooh! 

There was a litter tray in his box, but by the smell I anticipated that it was another messy bum. And that on top of being late and lost. It was just too much for me. I cracked. At age nearly 59 I started to cry like a child. I could not stop. Then I started to pray, thinking how my best friend Tertia always stayed calm in times of crisis by praying. It calmed me down too and I could focus to drive straight to SAA Cargo, but I still could not stop crying. I cried right through going past the entrance security till inside Cargo! 

Inside Cargo, I was helped by friendly SAA staff who went out of their way to assist so that Charlie could still be on time for his booked flight. The cargo officer lady filled in most of the stuff on the form whilst I was working to clean Charlie's bum. Thank God I had a hair dryer and a towel in the car and a small spray bottle of Wampum Dry Shampoo in my hand bag. I also cleaned his blanket as best as possible with the shampoo.

I was relieved to learn that his bum was still clean when he got to Durban.