The "Kittens" section of our website deals with :
  • The most frequently asked question we get is: "Do you have kittens available?".  You will find answers on that on:
    Availability and Allocations

  • Some potential kitten buyers want to learn more about the "WHEN" aspect of when kittens are ready to go to their new homes. Read more about it on:
    When can my kitten leave?

  • How do Chinchillas look at birth up to how they develop into little "fluff balls"?
    Read more at 
    General information about Chinchilla kittens.

  • We also have a section on Pricing guidelines and Policies.

  • Online booking facility.
    • Note that we do not automatically sell a kitten to someone that put a name down on a waiting list. 
    • We screen potential new owners in our strive to place each kitten in a safe, loving home. 

  • A gallery of history and pictures of the kittens that we bred over the years.
Three Chinchilla kittens and one F1 Burmilla