The Kitten and the Angel


To say farewell forever is the saddest thing for a pet owner. But reality is, humans outlive their dear felines... These pages are dedicated to those cats that shared our lives over the years. 

There are several pieces written to assist people dealing with the pain of loosing a kitten. Alida wrote a short story for a breeder who lost a Cherie-Finesse cat in a traumatic accident. The story is called "The kitten and the angel". It helped to ease the pain of that person, and also a few other people who went through similar trauma. Below is the story.

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The Kitten and the Angel

One day an angel and a kitten sat in a garden.

The angel looked sad.

“Why do you look so sad?” asked the kitten.

The angel gave a deep sigh, held her chin in her palm and said:
“Dear kitten, I know how dearly you love your
she-human. I am sad because her time has come.
She must die tomorrow.”

“How do you know that?”, asked the kitten.

“Because, dear kitten, I am her guardian angel.
But today I was called to another task. I must leave tomorrow.”

The kitten felt a deep sadness coming over her.
She loved her she-human very much.
She did not want her she-human to die.

“What will become of me?” asked the kitten.

“Your human's family will decide over you”, said the angel. “Maybe they will keep you, maybe they will give you to somebody else. Maybe they will take you to the vet to be put down.”

“I don't want to be without my she-human,“ said the kitten. “And I don't want to go to somebody else!“

The kitten and the angel sat in silence, each with their own thoughts.

After a while, the kitten asked: “What does 'put-down' mean?”

“Put-down is when the kitty medicine human puts you in a deep sleep, never to wake up again” said the angel.

“Does it hurt?” asked the kitten.

“No” said the angel. “A strong wind blows in your kitty ears and then your eyes start to sleep. And then you sleep forever.“

“I rather want to be put down! I don't want be without my she-human.”

The kitten and the angel sat in more silence for a while longer. Then the kitten asked: “Is here any way out? Can I do anything to save my she-human's life?”

“Yes”, answered the angel. “There is. But it will be painful for both you and her.”

“Tell me”, asked the kitten.

“If you are prepared to die in the place of your she-human, she will be saved. But she will live with pain in her heart forever, because of your death.”

“So, its either me or her?” asked the kitten.

“I am afraid, yes” said the angel sadly.

“Then I want to die in my she-human's place” said the kitten firmly.

“You have to think it over with great care”, said the angel. “A death of sacrifice is not a nice death.”

The next morning the she-human drove to work in her car. The road was wet and slippery. The angel prepared to leave. The car skid off the road, ploughing into mud next to the tar. The she-human lost control and the car took its own course through the mud at high speed. She clinged terrified onto the steering wheel, waiting for the worse to come.

Back home, the kitten sensed the fear of her she-human. “Take me, take me, instead!” meowed the kitten. “Let me die in her place, please! Please!”

The kitten's plea was heard. The car miracilously came to a halt. The angel could stay one more day. The she-human could live. She phoned her husband for help. He went with his truck and towed the car back onto the road. He got mud all over his clothes.

That evening the angel said to the kitten: “Your love for your she-human's saved her life today. But I have to go tomorrow. You have to die at the moment when I leave. You will know what to do when the time comes. I am sorry, dear one.”

The next morning, while the she-human was driving to work, the husband loaded the washing machine. The kitten sat nearby, watching. The husband looked at the mud that he got on his clothes when he helped his wife to get her car back on the road. It became dry and a piece fell on the floor. He took the muddy clothes outside to shake the loose mud.

The kitten sniffed at the mud on the floor. “You will know what to do when the time comes. You will know...” echoed the angel's voice in her head..

Suddenly, the kitten knew what to do. The time has come. The mud was supposed to take her human's life. Now it must take hers. She climbed into the washing machine. She had to be washed in the same water as the mud.

The husband came back and put the mud-stained clothes into the tub. He did not notice the kitten inside the machine. He switched the machine on and left.

When the dead body of the kitten was discovered later, the humans were devastated, shocked and sad. They blamed themselves. They cried. They could not be consoled.

Days came. Days went. The she-human went into a state of deep sorrow. She missed her precious kitten so much.

One morning, the she-human sat in her garden. She watched a butterfly flutter from one flower to another, but her heart was too heavy to see the beauty of it.

In the quietness that surrounded her, she slowly became aware that her kitten was there: with her, in the garden. She felt her sweet, soft, loving presence. She heard her soft purr.

I am here,” the kitten voice meowed softly. “Please do not cry. I will never leave you again. I will watch over you for the rest of your life. I became your guardian angel the moment I drowned.