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Waiting List & Updates ... slow progress!

posted Aug 26, 2013, 12:25 PM by Alida Delport   [ updated Aug 26, 2013, 12:47 PM ]
I apologize for not having sorted out the waiting list yet, as well as not having published all the matings. Blame it on not feeling well! I caught a nasty cold on our last show week-end. It turned into a nasty Flu/Bronchitis.  I am on prescription medicine.

Sorting out the waititg list is time consuming. Must first check if a person that booked still wants a kitten. We still have 12 bookings from 2012!!! I sent out a bulk email and got very few responses back. Most of those already got a kitten elsewhere. I now send out individual emails, and if I do not get a response within two weeks after sending out the mail, I will acrhive the booking.

Currently we have over twenty new bookings for 2013. Some have already been referred to breeders closer to where they live. About a third is for Burmillas - a breed that is growing wery popular. 

News: All Andenika's F1 Burmillas have potential homes. Two will go to breeders.

News: Cherie-Finesse Madame Butterfly's 2 females are divine. They look very promising! 

News: L,Dearteart Cynthia, who now lives in Mosselbay with Skye Cattery, has a female from Cherrie-Finesse Hilton, the only stud from the late Sp Ch Cherie-Finesse Dear Crystal and Ch Lovebug King Arthur DM. This female is for breeding.

News: Burlamien Piebold Pandora (Brown Tortieshell Burmese) and Cherie-Finesse Dear Nikki  (TLH Silver) have been mated for F1 Silver Burmillas.

News: Cherie-Shelldon Sylvia and Sp Ch Soulmates Platinum Frostwhisper (Lilac Burmese) are currently in-mating for F2 Burmillas. Statistically 50% will be Silver. 

News: The rest of our females stayed in the Chinchilla gene pool and were mated to Chincihllas.