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New Show Hero from Cherie-Finesse

posted Jul 10, 2015, 12:11 PM by Alida Delport   [ updated Aug 28, 2015, 11:39 PM by Alida Delport ]
Mr Morné Swanepoel with Jnr Champion Cherie-Finesse Baron Dominique Jean Larrey of Emerald on a photo published in the Tygerburger. 

Cherie-Finesse Baron Dominique Jean Larrey was named after the honorary French medical doctor Dominique Jean Larrey. 

From Wikipedia: 
Larrey was surgeon-in-chief of the Napoleonic armies from Italy in 1797 to Waterloo in 1815. During this time, he initiated the modern method of army surgery, field hospitals and the system of army ambulance corps. After seeing the speed with which the carriages of the French flying artillery maneuvered across the battlefields, Larrey adapted them as Flying Ambulances for rapid transport of the wounded and manned them with trained crews of drivers, corpsmen and litterbearers.

Larrey also increased the mobility and improved the organization of field hospitals, effectively creating a forerunner of the modern MASH units.

He also established a rule for the triage of war casualties, treating the wounded according to the seriousness of their injuries and urgency of need for medical care, regardless of their rank or nationality. Soldiers of enemy armies, as well as those of the French and their allies, were treated.