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Found a home

posted May 4, 2014, 6:16 PM by Alida Delport   [ updated May 5, 2014, 2:45 PM ]
These two Burmilla kittens were booked to leave together end April 2014. However, the lady that booked them "disappeared".  She saw the Burmillas on the cat show held on March 8, 2014 in Durbanville and asked me to reserve both kittens for her. She wrote her contact detail in my show catalog. Sadly, somebody took my show catalog and I lost the contact detail. But the potential buyer did not contact me when the time was due.

On the photo they are featured with their mom Supreme Champion (sacc) and SA Tripple Grand Champion (casa) Burlamien Andenika of Cherie-Finesse Their father is Grand Champion Catanova King Solomon of Cherie-Finesse. They are quite sturdy cats for their age.
They are first generation Burmillas born on 31 Dec 2013. They are now fast growing into their early teens. They already had two inoculations. The boy (front) is registered as "Cherie-Finesse Sparkie" and his sister (back) is registered as "Cherie-Finesse Darkie". 

Sterilization will be done after the Petz Expo to be held 31 May / 1 June 2014 at Durbanville race Course.

Sparkie and Darkie have very sweet purrsonalities. They love each other. There was a Golden Burmilla sister in the litter as well - already with her new home. Here is a link to more photos of them and the Golden sister since they were small: 

They were fortunate to find a new home in Kenridge, going together.