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COTY 2012: Sir Lancelot represents our breed!

posted Aug 13, 2012, 1:16 PM by Alida Delport   [ updated Aug 13, 2012, 1:17 PM ]
At the SACC Cat Of The Year (COTY) of 2012, Sir Lancelot represented the Chinchilla Longhair for the second year in a row. He did well and was placed 22nd out of a total of 30 cats: a much higher position than the year before. 

It was a difficult COTY for us. We traveled the nearly 1,000 kilometers form Cape Town to Kimberley by car on Thursday the 9th of August in the car of Jean van Zyl, a Chinchilla and Ragdoll breeder. 

On Friday morning Sir Lancelot and Waterlee Zakumi (Jean's Ragdoll stud) met face to face by accident. They started to hiss and growl towards each other. To avoid a fight, Jean grabbed Zakumi from behind to pull him out of the confrontation. He got a fright and jack-knifed backwards, digging his teeth in Jean's arm. 

On Saturday morning the COTY exhibitors were informed about the death of Louis Koen, an exhibitor from Port Elizabeth who was involved in a car accident en route to the show, This news unsettled Alida. Sir Lancelot, who was still shattered after the near-fight with Zakumi the previous day, sensed Alida's distracted mood. It made him feel insecure and scared. 

There were four judges. After the first judging, Alida took Lancelot off the judge's table from behind without thinking that this was not the way to steward a cat! Lancelot gave Alida's hand a slight bit on the base of her thumb. Normally this would not be a problem, but Alida was on medication to keep her blood thin. The mere skin-deep tooth marks started to ooze blood which started to accumulate in her hand palm. When Lancelot was taken off the second judge's table, a blood-stained paw print was left on the table. It was only then that Alida looked at her hand and realized the extent of her bleeding. It was too late: she was holding the poor Lancelot lower body and feet with a blood-painted hand! The judges were very sympathetic with the situation, and offered help to have Alida's hand cleaned. They did not hold Alida's medical condition against Sir Lancelot and was full of praise for this beautiful cat.