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Cherie-Finesse gets Nikon camera as gift!

posted Sep 12, 2012, 12:50 PM by Alida Delport   [ updated Nov 13, 2012, 10:58 AM ]
It is with great humbleness that we want to share that we were blessed with a precious gift to our cattery: a Nikon camera! From now on, no excuses for a lack of photos.

2011 ended on a bad photographic note for our cattery when the old Canon camera we bought in 2005 finally decided to pack up after it miraculously survived a fall into the Orange River in 2008.

All was not lost, because Alida's cell had a nice camera that could take photos for the website. Sadly that phone got stolen early in January 2012 in a robbery during her first Tai Chi class for the year. The replacement phone's shutter speed was way to slow to take photos of cats.

Alida borrowed her sister in law's camera for a while. Thereafter she borrowed her son's new digital camera to take photos for the All Breeds Cat Club's newsletter (of which she is editor). She was devastated when she lost her son's camera with all the show photos as well!

Two Cherie-Finesse cats were exported to the USA in 2012: Cherie-Finesse Giacomo and Cherie-Finesse Charlise Theron. You can imagine the joy when Alida got the news from the USA that Giacomo (now called Mozart) and Charlize (now called Chanel) and their new US siblings, Picasso and Noelle (two French Poodles) decided that Cherie-Finesse must get a decent camera to assist Alida with her book 'Traditional Longhair Cats and Related Breeds', as well as with future photos for the website.

To Michelle Minteer – words are not enough to express our gratitude. Thank you!
Noelle and Mozart getting ready for bedtime

       Noelle and Chanel watching their human cleaning the bedroom