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Arrived in the USA

posted Feb 25, 2013, 1:38 PM by Alida Delport
The four kittens arrived in the USA coming from a hot South African summer right into an icy American winter!

We were entertained on a daily basis by Michele Minteer who gave us a day-to-day update on the progress of these little darlings. Here is Michele's description fo the arrival:

"The kittens arrived safely yesterday after a long flight. I could not get them out of cargo until @ 1 pm so imagine the excitement when the crate doors were opened in the back space! I placed the crates side by side and unlocked the doors and pulled them open. I felt this would allow them to do as they wished as we drove home to Litchfield.

Ramesses was the first one with Fiona right behind! They raced from the crate to kitty litter and proved that the breeders did a wonderful job with litter training. Both took some water and then Fiona and Ramesses headed to the front seat and sat with me.

Albert/Max took a while to leave the safety of his crate but eventually came out to the litter and enjoyed some water. He was not so certain about these strangers who were coaxing him with treats and pets. But curiosity got the better of him and he explored the entire car. Eventually, he got on my lap when Fiona and Ramesses were exploring, fell asleep in my lap on his back with legs straight in the air.

Solita was the last one to head to the litter...and she did not leave it for the entire trip."

Soon they were busy exploring their new, cozy surroundings.  On the photo below are Ramesses on top, Fiona standing and Solita sitting.  

On the rhoto belaw is Albert with his new toy.