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Persiana Golden Delight (RIP)

Persianna Golden Delight
Date of Birth 6 September 2001

Date of death

 24 October 2011. 
"Fang", as we called her, suffered a stroke. 
Rest in peace, dear one. I miss you, especially after you became such a happy and loving cat at the end of your life. I will always remember you.

Sire Annaline Gold Saffron (cfsa PER.GLM.5)

Dam Ch Persiana Little Fairy (cfsa PER.ZLM.5)

Breed number(s) cfsa PER.GLM.5  -  sacc PER05Go  - wcf TLHny12

Breed description(s) cfsa  : Persian Golden Self Shell Black
sacc : Persian Chinchilla Black Tipped Golden
wcf   : Traditional Longhair Black Golden Tipped

Title none

Genetics Golden

Breeder Ms R Woodroffe, KZN

About her

Rose phoned me mid-2011 with the news that she had no choice but to re-home her one of her Golden queens, Persianna Golden Girl. It would have been a pity to loose her from the gene pool, so I agreed to adopt her because of Catanova King Solomon, our golden carrier male, I

Rose then told that she also had another, older queen who never had a litter. This queen, a true Persian type, had a heart murmur as kitten. The vetr said she might grew out of it, but Rose never followed it up. Rose never tried to mate her and later she did not have a male to use.  So I though I'd give it a try: maybe we could have one litter and then rehome her with a kittten. With the help of Nicolette and Andre Brand they arrived on 10 June 2011. 

Initially she was quite a grumpy old girl. I quickly learned that she is not a submissive pill-taker - hence her nickname "Yellow Fang". After we learned to know each other's boundaries, she settled in nicely and  a special bond developed between us.

She had her first litter on 3 October 2011. They were quite small: birth weight 57g (silver? male), 61g (golden female) and 63g (golden male). Sadly, all three died within 18 hours after birth.  Twenty days later she died too after she had a stroke.
More photos
Persianna Golden Delight alias "Yellow Fang"  during the birth process of her first liter at age 10!