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Cherie Sunet (RIP)


Date of Birth 26 October 1994


19 July 2009 (14 years 9 months)
Sire Lysanda Silver Snowman (10), son of Grand Champion Walnut Hill Moondancer

Dam Champion Sanden Crystal Palace (10), daughter of Grand Champion Dilkusha Dashing Stardust.

Breed number(s) Sunet was registered as SACC 10 VP. VP stood for "Very Pure", meaning 5 generations of same breed, same colour. In other words, she was a pure colourbred cat.

In the current systems, she would have been registered as:
cfsa PER.ZLM.5  -  sacc CHL05  - wcf TLHns12

Breed description(s) cfsa  : Persian Silver Tipped Black
sacc : Chinchilla Longhair (Black) Tipped Silver
wcf   : Traditional Longhair Black Silver Tipped

Titles sacc : Grand Champion, Destiguished Merit (DM).

Genetics Silver

Breeder Stella Slabber

About him

Sunet was registered as a VP (Very Pure) cat under the SA Cat Register rules of 1993. This means that her pedigree comprised of one breed number only for four consecutive generations. The title DM means "Distinguished Merit" and is awarded to brood queens who earned 10 points or more in title certificates from their offspring.

Sunet had many litters with the late Champion Toska Alexander. All her kittens were of exceptional quality. (See pedigree).

Sunet's most beautiful feature was her emerald green eyes. But even more beautiful than her looks, was her sweet nature. We called her "Soentjies", maining "Kisses". If one made kissing noises to her, she would come up for a real kiss! Her kisses saved the house once from water damage. One night, a water pipe bursted in the laundry. The upper floor of the house started to flood. Sunet, who slept upstairs with Elize, could not wake up Elize, so she walked through the water, went downstairs, and kissed the human mom until she woke up!

Sunet probably set a world record for the cat who bred the most international TV pet actors. Her star-studded progeney who performed in international TV advertisements includes: Sp Pr Thomas O'Malley, Sp Pr Cherie-Finesse Angelo RQ, Sp Pr Cherie-Finesse Bobby NQ RQ, Sp Ch Finesse Dear Crystal, Ch Cherie-Finesse Ms Daisie and grand children Sp Pr Cherie-Finesse Engeltjie, Ch Cherie-Finesse Lady Lida and Cherie-Finesse Charmer.

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Card from Thomas O'Malley

Litter 2003

Sunet in 2003