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Cherie-Finesse Nikita

Date of Birth 13 September 2010

Sire Sp Ch Cherie-Finesse King Diamond (casa TLHns12)

Dam L'Dearheart Cherie ( casa TLHns11)

Breed number(s) cfsa PER.ZLM.5  -  sacc CHL05Ch  - wcf TLHns12

Breed description(s) cfsa  : Persian Silver Shaded Black
sacc : Chinchilla Longhair (Black) Shaded Silver
wcf   : Traditional Longhair Black Silver Shaded

Title none yet

Genetics Silver

Breeder Alida Delport

 Owner Gail Harvey

About her

Nikita lives with Gail Harvey. She was so beautiful as kitten that Gail agreed to let Nikita have kittens at least once. One of this off-spring, Cherie-Finesse Mitzie, is in the breeding gene pool with Elizabeth Pienaar in Mosselbaai (Sky Cattery). Nikita has been spayed.

More photos
Nikita as kitten

Nikita's first and only litter: 2 males, 2 females