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Chinchilla Silver

  • In SACC they are called Chinchilla Longhairs. 
  • In WCF they were called Traditional Longhair Silvers in 2010, changed to "Original Longhairs" in 2014. 
  • In the rest of the world they are called Persian Chinchillas.
  • Some people refer to the "old fashioned" longer nosed longhair cats as "Doll Face Persians"
  • The man in the street just call them "Chinchillas". 
I am now busy writing a book with the title: "Traditional Longhair Cats and Related Breeds".  I was bold enough (or silly enough) to write it online on-the-fly. The online website is at

When the content reaches a state where a book can be published, the book will be available in printed as well as eBook format. 

The "Gallery" pages on this website contains photos and information on cats that I bred or owned. If you have a cat bred by us, please send us detail and photos and your cat will have its own page in the gallery.

Cats in the Silver Gallery are listed alphabetically.